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Hi, I'm Sara, a Nutritionist, Director with Beautycounter, and blogger. I’m so happy you’re here! The journey to vibrant health looks different for all of us. The one thing we all have in common - there isn’t just one way to get there. Follow me as I navigate all of the ways to be well beyond the kitchen.

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Meet Sarah P. - Well Beyond the Kitchen's Newest Friendly Face!

It’s been 6 months since Well Beyond the Kitchen became a team effort! Because of all of your support (!!), I realized last year that my business had grown to a point that I needed help. The idea of letting go control over every single area of my business was a tough one for me to accept - but I decided it was the only way to keep the work/life balance I love so much. Taking the leap and hiring a support person was just what I (and my business) needed. I couldn’t be luckier to have my longtime bff, Sarah P., on board - we are making the dream work!

SO what have we been up to? A lot! Sarah P. is serving as my support person. She’s working behind the scenes to mainstream business processes and protocols, working with me on projects, and serving as a client care support person. Many of you have received thank you emails, credit expiration notifications, and educational videos/guides from her at Having Sarah P. take over some of these client care emails has freed me up to more personally connect with you (the part I love most about this job). Having her help has been amazing but also having a sound board to bounce ideas off of has been game-changing.

As you know, I am so passionate about educating and increasing awareness about the importance of safer, cleaner living and I have so many ideas on how to help you all go about it. We have big things coming your way!! I hope all of you Band of Beauty members have enjoyed my new monthly(ish) texts that feature videos all about making the switch to clean living.

I hope through my newsletters, blog, and social media posts, you all have gotten to know me well.

Here’s a little about US.

Sarah P. and I first met in the 3rd grade - it was our common name that brought us together (Hi Sara, Hi Sarah!). We’ve gone through years of living one state apart in college...and years living an OCEAN apart after college. But...there’s no greater test to a friendship (or any relationship really) than long term traveling! We spent 10 weeks backpacking Europe together after college graduation (no cell phones - which was honestly the best decision we made). We had lots of obstacles (think overflowed trains, cancelled ferries, food poisoning, sketchy hostels, stolen credit cards, bed bugs, and 10 weeks of lugging around a backpack) but loved every minute of it!!

One of our funniest memories from our trip was in Gryon, Switzerland. My mom offered to treat us to lunch in memory of my Nana (emoji) so we went to a nice restaurant (we were cash-strapped backpackers so it was a TREAT). When we initially booked the hostel, we thought it was in German-speaking Switzerland but turns out Sarah P’s German skills wouldn’t be useful in this French-speaking village. When our waitress arrived at the table, we decided to swing it by attempting to order two still waters in French. The waitress asked us a few questions to which we foolishly repled “Oui oui.” We thought nothing of it until the waitress came back with two beers?? Um ok! Just a little miscommunication. A few minutes later, the CHEF came out with a starter. At this point, we were impressed with the hospitality of the Swiss. It didn’t stop there though. With each of the next FOUR courses being hand-delivered by the chef, we laughed harder and harder.

Thank you to Sarah for working hard behind the scenes! 2021 is a "clean up + get organized" year for Well Beyond the Kitchen - and you are a crucial part of it!

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