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We don’t know what we don’t know. Until now...

Over 1,400 harmful ingredients are banned or partially restricted from personal care products in the European Union.

      30 are banned in the United States.

The last year the federal government passed a law regulating the personal care industry?


Estimated percentage of cosmetic ingredients that have NEVER been tested for safety?


The percentage of lipstick that tested positive for lead according to a recent lab test?



Enter, Beautycounter.


Beautycounter is an education-focused company with the mission to put safer products into the hands of everyone.  Beautycounter has an entire social advocacy and public policy arm, working tirelessly to help change regulations and therefore the entire industry.


I had been looking for products like these for over 7 years. I am very passionate about the food we put IN our bodies (!) and am now focusing more on what is equally important - what we put ON our bodies.


Our skin is our largest organ and absorbs what we put on it - lotions, sunscreen, foundation, perfumes, etc. get absorbed into our bloodstream via our skin - within 60 seconds of applying. Being informed about what is in our cosmetics and personal care products is incredibly important for the health of ourselves and our loved ones - and the future of this nearly unregulated industry.


Unfortunately, many of the brands that market their products as natural or organic do not have the same standards of ingredient selection and testing that Beautycounter has pioneered. Many safer skin care companies are using good quality ingredients, but in the manufacturing process, unintended chemicals (for example, formaldehyde in shampoo) can be a by-product.


Beautycounter offers safe and high performing skin care, makeup, baby & kids products, and sun protection. What I love most is that this company has curated a line that performs without compromising safety. 

After struggling for years with my skin, the skin care and makeup from Beautycounter has absolutely changed my life. If you're interested in finding the right products for your skin, please reach out, and I'd love to customize a regimen for you and make recommendations on my favorite products!


Email me -, or browse using this link:

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